J Kent Ltd. Website Sugar Duchess Blog Jessica Mockett Website Order of Chaos Guild Website 4199 Canyon View Place Discount Huts Banner Let Your Light So Shine Banner RunCorner Splash Page Overstock.com Travel Email Word Search Game

J Kent Ltd. Website

Every once in a while you come across a client that pushes you to do your best work. This custom tailor was a pleasure to work with.

Sugar Duchess Blog

This blog design was done for my beautiful and talented wife. If you or someone you know likes to make desserts, they will love this website. The voice is fun and the food photography makes your mouth water.

Jessica Mockett Website

This website was fun. Sometimes a client gives you an opportunity to work in a style you've never done before. This film producer asked me for something that smacked of Tim Burton. The illustration is not mine.

Order of Chaos Guild Website

I've never played WOW, but I sure had fun researching guild websites and coming up with this design. Gimmicky? Yes, but I had fun breaking out of the corporate mold for a bit.

4199 Canyon View Place Static Page

Selling real estate doesn't excite me as much as those old style numbers in the title with descenders. We need more of those in our lives.

Discount Huts Banner

I've done many banners in my day. Sometimes you get on color kicks. I think I was in love with green here. The logo in this design is mine as well.

Let Your Light So Shine Banner

I did some work for the More Good Foundation years ago and was particularly impressed with their goals. I also did some logo work and website comps for them.

RunCorner Splash Page

This client requested a page that served as a portal to four different websites. The challenge was meshing together different logos and looks.

Overstock.com Travel Email

This email template was developed to quickly and easily put together marketing emails for Overstock.com Travel. I don't think they're around any more, but I sure enjoyed working with these people.

Word Search Game

Otherwise know as “fun with opacity.” Let it not be said that I didn't get my share of interactive design projects. This game was designed for Career Step, a provider of quality online education. The back end of this game was designed by someone else.