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I'm an avid fiction writer as well as a designer, and I created a website where writers can share their blog posts with each other and lift each other. Check it out.

Collin Hee

This trademark, created for pianist and composer Collin Hee, has been one of my favorites.

Flourishing Families

This logo was part of a set which featured different landmarks as the project branched out to different cities.

Uncostly Apparel

Costly apparel is spoken of in a negative light within the Book of Mormon. This LDS clothier wanted to create a mark that had a little fun with the phrase.

More Good Foundation

I really identified with the mission of this organization, which aims to provide the tools, training, and support for Latter-day Saints to share their beliefs on the internet.

Sugar Duchess

My beautiful wife makes gorgeous cakes and cookies, among other desserts. This blog design was my gift to her. The crown looks a lot like a cupcake wrapper. Hmmm.

SkyCall Communications

This logo was developed for a satellite telephone distributor in Salt Lake City. They hired me to do their website, logo, business cards and brochures.

Peak Fitness and Performance

These personal trainers are some of the best people I know, and they really know their stuff, using technology and common sense to help people reach their fitness goals. When I have serious fitness questions, I go to them.

If you write indie music, you need some help to get your music out there. Mama will take care of you.


I joined the Beta chapter of Sigma Gamma Chi when I attended the University of Utah, and have loved ultimate frisbee ever since.